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LD Systems WIN 42 HHD

Sistema sem fio de Mão LD Systems WIN 42 HHC B5



Wireless Microphone System with Dynamic Handheld Microphone


With its outstanding audio quality, the LD Systems WIN 42 UHF Wireless System offers numerous potential applications for live performances and permanent installations. The working UHF frequency range is 734 MHz to 776 MHz. Both the handheld microphone and belt pack transmitter versions ensures any vocalist, speaker or instrumentalist optimal transmission of his or her performance whilst providing the greatest possible freedom of movement. By means of a threaded connection, the microphone head of the handheld transmitter can be swapped quickly and easily (dynamic and condenser capsules).

The system has more than 1680 freely selectable frequencies and thus makes it possible to operate up to 20 systems simultaneously. The “Channel Scan” function assists you in finding and tuning to a transmission frequency without interference. This frequency is then transmitted simply and conveniently from receiver to transmitter via an infrared link. The transmitting power is adjustable in 3 stages (10, 30, 50 mW) directly on the microphone, making it fully adaptable to any environment.

The half-rack True Diversity receiver houses numerous system features: for example, a transmitter battery status indicator on the receiver display; an indicator for the (transmitter) “Mute On/Off” function on the receiver display; 4 EQ presets that are switchable at the receiver, and much more. A highly professional system embodying the outstanding value-for-money that is so typical for LD Systems.

  • UHF frequency range 734 to 776 MHz
  • 1680 frequencies
  • 20 groups with 577 fixed frequencies
  • User bank with 1680 freely selectable frequencies in 25 KHz increments
  • 255 selectable addresses
  • Channel scan
  • True diversity receiver
  • Replaceable microphone capsule (dynamic /condenser)


Receiver Display

  • Volume Level
  • Radio signal level A/B
  • Audio Level
  • Battery status of the transmitter
  • Infrared Synchronization Receiver to Transmitter
  • Squelch in the menu
  • Equalizer in the menu
  • Naming in the menu
  • 10 Sets can be saved
  • Lockable Menu
  • Output XLR balanced and unbalanced 6.3 mm jack
  • Adjustable Output
  • Adjustable Headphone Output


Transmitter Display (hand-held transmitter/belt-pack)

  • Battery status indicator
  • Transmission power adjustable in 3 stages
  • Audio sensitivity adjustable in the menu
  • More system information