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Meinl Pure Alloy Complete Cymbal Set

Kit de pratos Meinl Pure Alloy Complete Cymbal Set

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Meinl Pure Alloy

Pure Alloy stands for clear, warm sound. The unique surface of the Pure Alloy Cymbals ensures a timeless, versatile and powerful sound. The elaborate finishing allows a broad tonal spectrum: shimmering sounds and a clear sustain with fast response for various styles at all volumes.


  • Hi-Hat: 15″ (38,10 cm)
  • Crash: 18″ (45,72 cm)
  • Crash: 20″ (50,80 cm)
  • RIde: 22″ (55,88 cm)
  • Finish: Regular
  • Alloy: special Meinl Alloy
  • Thickness: medium
  • Production: Machine hammered
  • Accessories: Cymbal Effects: Cymbal Bacon (sizzle), Cymbal Tuners and Ching Ring