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Sabian AAX Stage Performance Set

Kit Pratos Sabian Stage Performance Set


Here’s what the Andertons Drum Department say about AAX Cymbals


The AAx series is one of the most popular in Sabian’s range, renowned for their bright, explosive nature. These cymbals have a very modern, bright sound that cuts excellently live, in the studio, best suited for louder music genres like Rock, Pop and Metal. These cymbals are made with the same techniques as their AA counterparts, but features Sabian’s “Dynamic Focus”, which eliminates distortion and increases the cymbal’s clarity, it also makes the cymbal react the same at all volumes. This range is perfect for drummers wanting a cutting, energetic drum sound.


Included in this set

  • AAX 14″ Stage Hats
  • AAX 16″ Stage Crash
  • AAX 20″ Stage Ride