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Sabian SBR Performance Set

Kit Pratos Sabian SBR Performance Set

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The SBR performance cymbal set is a fantastic choice for the beginner. Featuring a standard set of hi-hats, a nice bright crash and a fairly substantial ride that gives a good wash when struck, this SBR set will have you up and running in no time.

With the SBR, you’re getting Sabian quality & prestige and brass construction at a truly affordable price. What’s not to like!

Don’t forget, like with any cymbals, you’ll need a hardware set as these cymbals don’t come with stands included.


Included in this Set


  • 14″ Hi-hats
  • 16″ Crash
  • 20″ Ride


Here’s what Sabian say about the SBR Performance Cymbal Sets

Your very first step into cymbals is a big one. But SBr makes it easy. With its hammered and lathed surface and tightly focused sounds of pure brass, SBr comes at at a very nice price. Stamped with the SABIAN logo, the looks and sounds of this series put in in a class of its own. SBR is brass cymbals at their finest.



    • Style: Focused
    • Sound: Bright
    • Metal: Brass
    • Finish: Natural
    • Pitch: High