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Ibanez EDC 700 BP


Baixo Elétrico Ibanez EDC 700 BP



The ultra modern EDC is radical, but it’s radical for a reason. Within its modern curves are a built-in thumb rest, a scooped out area for getting under the strings, even a raised area for the controls so you don’t have to lean over to check settings. The EDC’s extra long horn balances the neck so you don’t have to. The EDC is as tonally versatile as it is comfortable. High output SFR passive pickups and the Vari Mid Hi-Fi EQ with sweepable midrange offer entirely new dimensions of tone.


Resonant Luthite body offers ergonomic comfort and dynamic tone

Strong, slender 2-octave Maple necks offer fast and easy fretwork

Passive pickups and active EQs specifically selected to enhance resonant Luthite material