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Ibanez GSR180-BS


Baixo Elétrico Ibanez GSR180

Em Stock


The Ibanez GSR180-BS Bass Guitar offers a tonally versatile bass from a guitar building giant at an incredible price. Borrowing the body profile and neck design from the outstanding SR Series’ models, the GSR180 is the perfect model for those who’re cutting their teeth on the bass.



The specially selected mahogany body features a contoured design that allows the bass to rest perfectly against the body whilst you’re performing. The mahogany provides plenty of low to mid end power, making it perfect for anyone playing metal and rock.



The perfectly proportioned maple neck counters the low-end rumble of the mahogany beautifully, by yielding a punchy midrange bout. Completing the overall tonal range of the GSR180 is the rosewood fingerboard which ensure that a high-end sizzle sits just above each note and can be accentuated depending on the style of music you play, e.g. slap, funk, etc. Thanks to the deep double-cutaway body profile, each and every fret is readily accessible, giving you the freedom to navigate the entire neck with ease.



The electronics section of the GSR180 gives you a wide range of tonal manipulation capabilities through the master tone control and two volume level controls for each pickup. Dial up the treble and turn up the neck pickup for snappy, fizzy jazz/funk tones. Wind down the treble and turn the focus onto the bridge pickup for a fat, low-end growl. If you’re playing blues then find a balance between the two pickups and get a huge, full-bodied sound. There are so many options available that you’ll only be held back by your own lack of imagination.



The solid B10 bridge ensures the string’s connection to the body is a secure as possible so you can have total confidence whilst you’re performing. As well as inspiring confidence in the bass’ ability to perform, the bridge guarantees reliable and consistent intonation, as well as ensuring string tension is accurately maintained. The Ibanez tuning machines uphold tuning integrity with precision throughout each and every performance.


  • GSR4 Neck
  • Agathis body
  • Pine fretboard
  • Medium frets
  • B10 Bridge (19 mm string spacing)
  • Standard J neck and bridge pickups
  • Passive EQ
  • Colour: Brown Sunburst