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Pad Treino Remo 8″ Silentstroke RT-0008-SN

Pad Treino Remo 8″ Silentstroke RT-0008-SN


The Silentstroke Practice Pad is the perfect tool for all drummers looking to keep their chops up at low volume levels.The Silentstroke Practice Pad features our Silentstroke Drumhead for an 80% reduction in volume while still having a great feel and response. It can also be mounted on a stand for upright playing while the protective rubber bottom is great for table top use. Available in 8″ diameter. Matte black finish.

  • Great feel and response
  • Available in 8″ diameter
  • 80% reduction in volume
  • Matte black finish
  • Features our Silentstroke Drumhead