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Shure BLX14/P98H Sopro

Sistema sem fio para Sopro Shure BLX14/B98


Wireless Instrument System with PGA98H Clip-On Horn Microphone


Optimised for woodwind and brass performance and recording, the PGA98H is the most accessible wireless Shure gooseneck instrument microphone for elevating sound quality. BLX offers a simple setup and an intuitive interface for performance you can trust.


  • Beta instrument series
  • With BLX1 pocket transmitter and PGA98H clip microphone
  • Up to 12 systems simultaneously
  • Pilot tone
  • Microprocessor-controlled antenna diversity
  • Quick-Scan function for free frequency detection
  • Condenser clip microphone with frequency range 20 – 20,000 Hz and cardioid characteristics
  • Plastic receiver
  • Integrated antennae
  • XLR and jack outputs
  • Audio status LEDs
  • Case included