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Meinl HCS141620 + 10 Set

Kit de pratos Meinl HCS141620 + 10 Set


Supplying you with all of the essentials, the Meinl HCS Basic Cymbal Set is perfect if you’re just starting to bring cymbals into your setup. You start with an articulate, clean-sounding 14″ hi-hat pair to help you drive the beat. You also get a 20″ ride that gives you a well-defined ping and nice bell. A smooth-sounding 16″ crash adds a complex spread to your kit and does a satisfying job of rounding out your drum sound. And finally, the immediate, cutting response of the FREE 10″ splash cymbal is great for quick accents. The Meinl HCS Basic Cymbal Set is a great way to put the finishing touches on your kit!



  • Provides beginners with all of the essentials they need to get started
  • 14″ HCS hi-hats give you an articulate, clean sound to help you drive the beat
  • 20″ HCS ride creates a well-defined ping with a nice bell
  • 16″ HCS crash provides a smooth attack and adds a complex spread to your kit’s sound
  • FREE 10″ HCS splash provides an immediate, cutting bright response that’s perfect for fast accents
  • Durable MS63 brass alloy holds up and maintains excellent tone
  • Provides a professional look as well as great sound